Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Much going on... but not much time for Blogging.

I've been doing quite a bit lately... out of town a bunch, working on new software, and playing with something called STATE. State is a software package put out by XTRANORMAL... it allows you to do animations without needing thousand dollar software. It has some limitations... but it's pretty kool. You can do the animations online without the software too... but you won't have as much control as when you do them with State.

I have been playing with putting live or image backgrounds into the animations using Vegas Video, another software package that I use for most of my YouTube work.

I was in Baltimore and took a great deal of video to make some posts... I completed Part 1, but still need to do Part 2. My laptop crashes from the large file size... so I'll need to compress them before I finish the second part. For now however... here is part 1.

I'll have more news when I get a chance to post it... hopefully I'll have some very interesting videos to show you with both real-world and animated actors interacting on the screen.