Wednesday, July 28, 2010

End of July - Eve's Oasis 6 and the Waterfall Video

So July is nearly over... and it's been an exciting and fun summer down here in Kyle Texas... lots to do all summer long. First off we'll start with the latest installment of Eve's Oasis, Part 6... Sunflowers. We had some fun adding animation to this video... I hope you enjoy it!

Eve's Oasis Part 6 - Sunflowers

Next up... my crazy day down in San Marcos on the river... or more correctly in the river being insane!

Waterfalls and Fishes

I hope you enjoy... we were really experimenting with adding animations here.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bull Creek

Eve planned a surprise for me today... she had me drive to Bull Creek... but I didn't know where we were going... I just followed our GPS until it said we were there. A little creek crosses over the road... that's how you know you are there.

The water is really warm because the sun shines through the shallow (3in / 7.5cm) water to the rock below and heats it. We had a great time... it was like swimming in a bathtub.

On the beginning of the video there is a picture of a bull... I didn't draw it... as I was walking I saw a chipped area of rock under the water and noticed it was bull shaped. I took a picture and when I was making the video I decided to use it in the title. I should have made a short video... then it would have had that wavy effect... but I still really like it.

YouTube didn't like that I had a bit of the JAWS soundtrack... so I had to re-render the video.

Oh... we don't work for EZ's restaurant... we just like to eat there!

Be sure to watch the "blooper reel" at the end of the video too.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eve got a job today!

So today started off well... Eve had an appointment for a job as a nurse for a really good hospital here in Austin. This was the type of job where the location is great, the hospital is great, and you almost think that it won't happen because it is just too good to be true.

But the key is that you have to believe in yourself and go for what you want in life. She did... and I just got the phone call which confirms that her interview went very well... they offered her the job she wanted at the salary she wanted too... wonderful news for us! I am very proud of her... always have been... glad to see she got the job she wanted too!

~ Eve's Oasis ~

We also have more videos online as well... the Eve's Oasis series is moving along nicely... we may even be starting to get a following too. That gives her great encouragement to do more... something she needs... the gardening really helps her.

Eve gets a new rolling chair to help with working in the plans at waist level without needing to kneel or bend over.

In this video she gets a new wagon that proves very useful as she needs to re-pot many of her plants which should be in less nitrogen rich soil. She also refines her theme song a bit more with her solo recorder performance.

Stay tuned for more to come!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th and Fun in the Garden

Well it certainly has been a fun few days here in Ole Kyle Texas. We went swimming in Barton Creek, had a great meal together, and went out to see the fireworks which were just around the corner from the house. Afterward we returned home to find our neighbors setting off yet another fireworks display.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Eve looked at the video and wanted to make a companion piece that showed much of the video segments I had cut out... a behind-the-scene version for our friends and family. So with me at the controls and Eve playing the part of director... we produced this version that I like to call "The Director's Cut".

Today Eve was back in her garden gathering Basil and got so excited she called me to come make an impromptu video to show it off... Enjoy!

Let us know if you like the videos... your comments are always welcome!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome to July - Gardining with Eve

Wow... halfway through the year already? Pretty close... and so far it's been a great Texas summer. People say that it's too hot here in Texas... but if you avoid the middle of the day we find that it's just fine.

Eve has been wanting to do some serious gardening since finding out how long the growing season is here... and the result is a collection of new videos for your enjoyment.

Eve's Oasis - Part 1

In this video Eve introduces her garden and shows you around. It was the single longest video series I have recorded to date... over an hour or more of footage. I weeded it down (no pun intended) to fit within the YouTube limit of ten minutes. Her monologue goes on for over twenty minutes in the original video... but this section has been trimmed and has a Home Garden Channel flavor that I think you will enjoy.

Eve's Oasis - Part 2

Here we move onto the addition of new raised platforms so that Eve can sit on a chair and work the plants without needing to bend over constantly. Her goal is to grow herbs to sell in the local farmer's markets.

It's the attack of the Tomato Hornworms... Oh no!

We were very surprised to see these monsters in the garden... each one over 2 and a half inches long. (6.5 cm) We thought they would turn into some kind of beautiful butterfly... but sadly no... they are just a pest. It was a good thing we found them before they destroyed the tomato plants!

I think you will like this short video... it was done in a news broadcast format just for fun.

If you like these videos then stay tuned as I'm sure more will follow later in the summer as our progress continues.