Saturday, December 4, 2010

Connecticut - The Starbucks Run

Eve likes to collect the Starbucks mugs... and since I was pretty much just sitting around the hotel this weekend, I decided to do something special for her and get the Boston mug. I mad a few calls... I'm glad I did... not everyplace has them. Then I found a Starbucks just under two hours from here that had not only the new series, but the older, hard to find version too. It was time for a road trip.

After I made the video and posted it... I ran across this next video. I usually post only my stuff here... but this was pretty good... and it made me laugh... so it was worth it.

Usually I can stay fairly positive while away... but this week... I just feel like being at home, doing stuff around the house, and being with Eve. I have two more weeks to go before I get home... then only for a day or so and I'm off to Canada. It has been quite a month or so.

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