Tuesday, June 15, 2010

50th Birthday and Port Aransas

It's already June 15th for another half hour at least... and I still haven't posted about my birthday yet. This year was the BIG 50 for me... and it was bittersweet. I found out my divorce went through on my birthday... which means that all the effort I put in over the last decade with Carol (wife number 2) was for naught... all washed away with only rubble left behind. (Not something I wanted to dwell on during my "big day" you can imagine.)

On the other hand, I'm with Eve now, and things are at last starting to look up a bit... she passed her nursing exam... a real hard one too... she has been studying for months. This means that she now has her Texas license and can start to look for work... it also means that I'll be able to start catching up on the last of the debt acquired while with Carol... and hopefully be able to at long last have a happy life.

Eve really cares about me... and she wanted to do something special so she decided to take me to Port Aransis on the Gulf of Mexico (before BP screws that up too) for some swimming and fun. She also got me an underwater housing for my camera... which is WAY-KOOL because I can take pictures on the beach and under water now.

We made the 3 plus hour drive there... not bad really... and were able to park right on the beach. I used to go to the beach in Pensacola with Terryann (wife number 1) but we always had to park what seemed a mile from the beach. This was right there... I mean really... on the sand... walk into the water. It was great. There was a big pile of seaweed on the beach... about 6 inches deep... and there was plenty of it in the water as well. But it didn't really bother me... with all that "stuff" in the water there were no jellyfish, and it was not what sharks would swim in because it would likely clog up their gills. So for me... perfect.

The water was pretty wavy too... not huge "knock you down" waves... but about 3 foot so they packed a nice enough punch to go along on a boogie-board. (We ended up getting two... Eve bought them for us.) We spent a couple of hours in the surf... then went out shopping for an umbrella and the boogie boards... then went back in for another two or three hours. It was an all day affair... we got to Olive Garden about 10:00 and had a late dinner. (Not so good for my diet... oh well.)

After dinner we went home and pretty much wound down and headed for bed. All in all... I would call it a pretty good day.

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  1. The blog is great, and your videos are all entertaining; all make Mary Rose and I want to visit those places. As your ex-wife's first ex-husband, I guess "congratulations" are in order now that you are divorced. I am sorry for residual grief you must suffer in repairing your financial picture - as they say, "been there, done that, have the credit report". (smile). I hope the rest of your life is everything you want it to be. Sounds like you're happier now than I've seen you in years. I will always be in your debt for the many kindnesses you showed my sons, Ben and Josh, and me. Moving piano's, helping me re-roof the porch - the list just goes on and on. You're a good guy Jerry, you deserve happiness. I am glad we are friends, even if the path that led us to meet was painful. Now both of us can just concentrate on the good stuff. Best to you and Eve. Your pal, Stu