Sunday, June 20, 2010

Building A Dam

It was another hot June day here in the Austin area and we had a meeting downtown about 10:00, so we brought along our bathing suits "just in case" we decided to go for a swim. After the meeting we stopped by the local Goodwill to get some glassware and other odds-&-ends. Afterward we headed for Barton Springs Road between Congress and First Street where there is a really good snow-cone place. They also had some Sushi, Cajun, and Mexican food there, so we got a byte to eat, a nice cold snow-cone, and headed further down the road to Barton Springs.

Eve leisurely floated in the stream while I was busy playing with my new underwater housing for my camera. (A birthday present from Eve.) I met some guys who were moving rocks around and building a dam... so I joined in as I had the same idea last time when I was at the creek.

It's amazing what 20 guys, four hours, and 4000 rocks can do...

All in all... it was a lot of work, a great deal of fun, and it looks like it made a bunch of people happy. I'd love to go back and find out that others have added to the little dam and made it bigger and stronger. I wonder if it will be there next time... or if people and the currents will tear it down. I suppose I'll have to wait and see!

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