Sunday, January 9, 2011

After the Fire... rebuilt and operational.

Eve was cutting some materials and left the LASER unattended... that was a bad move, it caught fire and did some serious damage. (See my previous blog on that one.) Anyway... she ordered the replacement parts and assisted be with getting the laser cleaned up for the rebuild. The parts came in by 12:30 and we had the laser operational by 5:30... I even had time to go to my robotics meeting.

So... here is this week's video of the repairs... if you wanted to see the insides of a laser engraver you will like it. We are testing out new engraving methods now... gearing up to hit the craft fairs this spring.

I'm also planning a trip to St Louis to bring back some of my tools... that will be great... I'm driving Eve nuts because I have no way of building some of the ideas I have... more on that as it develops.


  1. Congratulations Jerry and Eve!
    Glad to see you were able to recover that fine piece of Equipment.
    Looking forward to some more cool work discussed at the Robot Club Meetings

  2. Glad to hear everything turned out OK!! Let me know when you're coming to St. Louis. We should do lunch or something.