Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome to July - Gardining with Eve

Wow... halfway through the year already? Pretty close... and so far it's been a great Texas summer. People say that it's too hot here in Texas... but if you avoid the middle of the day we find that it's just fine.

Eve has been wanting to do some serious gardening since finding out how long the growing season is here... and the result is a collection of new videos for your enjoyment.

Eve's Oasis - Part 1

In this video Eve introduces her garden and shows you around. It was the single longest video series I have recorded to date... over an hour or more of footage. I weeded it down (no pun intended) to fit within the YouTube limit of ten minutes. Her monologue goes on for over twenty minutes in the original video... but this section has been trimmed and has a Home Garden Channel flavor that I think you will enjoy.

Eve's Oasis - Part 2

Here we move onto the addition of new raised platforms so that Eve can sit on a chair and work the plants without needing to bend over constantly. Her goal is to grow herbs to sell in the local farmer's markets.

It's the attack of the Tomato Hornworms... Oh no!

We were very surprised to see these monsters in the garden... each one over 2 and a half inches long. (6.5 cm) We thought they would turn into some kind of beautiful butterfly... but sadly no... they are just a pest. It was a good thing we found them before they destroyed the tomato plants!

I think you will like this short video... it was done in a news broadcast format just for fun.

If you like these videos then stay tuned as I'm sure more will follow later in the summer as our progress continues.

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  1. Awesome plants. Nice yard. We're all getting use to heat in our new locations. Here in Florida it's humid too, but coming from New Orleans and St. Louis, you're no stranger to that Jerry. Good luck on the herb gardening Eve.