Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bull Creek

Eve planned a surprise for me today... she had me drive to Bull Creek... but I didn't know where we were going... I just followed our GPS until it said we were there. A little creek crosses over the road... that's how you know you are there.

The water is really warm because the sun shines through the shallow (3in / 7.5cm) water to the rock below and heats it. We had a great time... it was like swimming in a bathtub.

On the beginning of the video there is a picture of a bull... I didn't draw it... as I was walking I saw a chipped area of rock under the water and noticed it was bull shaped. I took a picture and when I was making the video I decided to use it in the title. I should have made a short video... then it would have had that wavy effect... but I still really like it.

YouTube didn't like that I had a bit of the JAWS soundtrack... so I had to re-render the video.

Oh... we don't work for EZ's restaurant... we just like to eat there!

Be sure to watch the "blooper reel" at the end of the video too.

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