Saturday, March 5, 2011

Catching up on events - Sandblasting & Canada Trip

I have been swamped with travel the last few weeks... and most hotels will tell you that they have "High Speed" internet. Well... when you attempt to upload a YouTube video and it says "1084 minutes remaining"... that's NOT what I would consider "High Speed".

Anyway... I got back home this Saturday, and before I bolt back to Baltimore for another week... I wanted to get the latest video uploaded. (Plus the remaining Canada Christmas videos.)

Eve got interested in sandblasting... and I don't mean a little bit... she purchased a professional blasting cabinet, a CNC stencil cutter, a photo-exposure setup for photo-resist stencils, and much more. She is starting up a whole business, "Eve's Creations" which she is hoping will allow us to do really well in life. Here is a short video showing the arival of the equipment as well as Eve's first time cutting stone. As you may recall in our last video... we picked up some nice round stones from a local vendor.

Eve Gets Into Sandblasting

And... at long last... here are the four videos from the Canada Christmas that we had with Eve's family. Some of the videos may be a bit long... we had hours of video from our time there, enough that even after edits and such we broke it into four videos!

The Christmas Videos

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Have a great day!

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